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I have the following Auto Property

public bool RetrieveAllInfo { get; set; }

when I try to use it inside the code i find the default false for is false I assume this is the default value to a bool variable, does anyone have a clue what is wrong!?

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The DefaultValue attribute is only used to tell the Visual Studio Designers (for example when designing a form) what the default value of a property is. It doesn't set the actual default value of the attribute in code.

More info here:

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Thank you Philippe, so I think the only solution is from the constructor. thanks – AMgdy Dec 31 '09 at 6:39

[DefaultValue] is only used by (for example) serialization APIs (like XmlSerializer), and some UI elements (like PropertyGrid). It doesn't set the value itself; you must use a constructor for that:

public MyType()
    RetrieveAllInfo = true;

or set the field manually, i.e. not using an automatically implemented-property:

private bool retrieveAllInfo = true;
public bool RetrieveAllInfo {
    get {return retrieveAllInfo; }
    set {retrieveAllInfo = value; }
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One hack for this is on this link.

In short, call this function at the end of constructor.

static public void ApplyDefaultValues(object self)
        foreach (PropertyDescriptor prop in TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(self)) {
            DefaultValueAttribute attr = prop.Attributes[typeof(DefaultValueAttribute)] as DefaultValueAttribute;
            if (attr == null) continue;
            prop.SetValue(self, attr.Value);
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This is dangerous and shouldn't be used. This sets the properties of derived classes before the base class constructor has finished, before the derived class has had a chance to set up anything needed to make the property setters work. – hvd Jun 21 '13 at 10:41

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