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My problem is how to create denormalized (OLAP) table from normalized table.

I have OLTP database with some data. See the chart below:

OLTP_database diagramm

Pay particular attention to the tables "Variable", "Variable_Value" and "Variable_Sample".




enter image description here


enter image description here

The script that creates the table "Variable_Sample" see below:

    ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[VarSample]
    truncate table UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Sample

Declare params cursor for 
 Select distinct id_variable from UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Value
open params
Declare @idparam int
Declare @csql nvarchar(max)  = ''
Declare @csql2 nvarchar(max)  = ''
Declare @i int = 1
fetch next from params into @idparam
while @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
Select @csql2 = @csql2 + ', param' +LTrim(Str(@i))
Select @csql = @csql +  ' (Select value as param'+LTrim(Str(@i))+' from UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Value where id_variable = '+LTrim(Str(@idparam))+') a'+LTrim(Str(@i))+' cross join'
Set @i = @i+1
fetch next from params into @idparam
Select @csql = '
Insert INTO UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Sample SELECT id, CAST(SubString(Param,6,LEN(Param)-5) as int) param_id, param_val
(Select ROW_Number() over(order by '+SubString(@csql2,2,LEN(@csql2)-1)+') id, '+SubString(@csql2,2,LEN(@csql2)-1)+' from '+SubString(@csql,1,LEN(@csql)-11) + ') p
   (param_val FOR Param IN 
)AS unpvt

print @csql
exec sp_executesql @csql
delete from Sample
Insert into Sample select distinct UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Sample.idsample from UIR_DB.dbo.Variable_Sample
close params
deallocate params

I need to create table, something like "Variable_Sample_Olap" following form:


enter image description here

(Of course, if it would be variable3, ..., variableN, then it would be N columns in "Variable_Sample_Olap".)

Can someone help me with script, that transforms Variable_Sample in Variable_Sample_Olap?

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