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I have DataFrame with one of the columns of datetime type (called 'Date'). I can get a subset of my dataframe by full date, like that:

df[df['Date'] >= '2013-11-01']

However, I want to get a dataframe subset by sertain time interval (ignoring dates). For example, the following code would not work:

df[(df['Date'].time() >= datetime.strptime("12:00:00", "%H:%M:%S").time()) &
   (df['Date'].time() <= datetime.strptime("16:00:00", "%H:%M:%S").time())]

because of df['Date'].time() is not appropriate way to address time() method.

Is there any way to do the same without getting to iterrows?

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convert the column to DatetimeIndex first, then you can call many methods that deal with datetime, for example:

hour = pd.DatetimeIndex(df["Date"]).hour
df[(hour >= 12) & (hour <= 16)]
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Thanks. Works fine – user2915556 Nov 6 '13 at 8:56

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