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I am developing an app and that able to print line user enters. Now what happens is that..! I have connected to printer and when i try to print this error pops up

a socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network windows phone HResult: 0x80072743

when I checked in the internet I have found this hresult code name means: WSAENETUNREACH Yet I'm not sure about it. Click HRESULTS: FACILITY_WIN32

this phone is possibly pairing with any device cause bluetooth sign pops up on the corner. although this error pops up in one phone, it works well in another phone but different priter.

Here is my c# code

PeerFinder.AlternateIdentities["Bluetooth:Paired"] = "";
                var pairedDevices = await PeerFinder.FindAllPeersAsync();

                    PeerInformation selectedDevice = pairedDevices[0];
                    StreamSocket socket = new StreamSocket();

                   await socket.ConnectAsync(selectedDevice.HostName, "1");

                    string epl =  printHeader + "\n" + printBody ;

                    var data = GetBufferFromByteArray(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(epl));

                    await socket.OutputStream.WriteAsync(data);
                    blnprntflg = true;
                    printHeader = "";
                    printBody = "";

I need solution or what cause this to raise this error..!

Thanks In Advance

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