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I created a QMainWindow using QT Designer. As we know, it has statusBar by default.

By default, QT Designer gave its objectname as "statusBar". Now, when I tried to call like:-

statusBar()->showMessage(tr("File successfully loaded."), 3000);

as we have a function with prototype: QStatusBar * QMainWindow::statusBar () const

The Compiler shows the error:-

error: reference to ‘statusBar’ is ambiguous.

error: candidates are: QStatusBar* Ui_MainWindow::statusBar

error: QStatusBar*QMainWindow::statusBar() const

Actually, i was following a book "The Art of Building Qt Applications by DANIEL MOLKENTIN". And I am compiling the same code given in book.

Above code is in mainwindows.cpp and i have included "mainwindow.h" & "ui_mainwindow.h" in it...

Is this a bug in QT4??

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You have a member variable names statusBar and a method names statusBar. The compiler doesn't know which one to use. However, both reside in different classes: Ui_MainWindow and QMainWindow. I wonder what is the relationship between these classes? If one is inheriting from the other, how come there's no hame hiding? If they are unrelated, how come there's a conflict? Are you sure you haven't added something "strange" from yourself? Multiple inheritance? – AnT Dec 30 '09 at 23:38
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Ask for a specific version of the method statusBar():

Ui_MainWindow::statusBar()->showMessage(tr("File successfully loaded."), 3000);
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No that will throw an error.. There is no function named statusBar in Ui_MainWindow.. Anyways, i think you wrote it in a hurry. It should be QMainWindow::statusBar()..... But, the main agenda was, is it a BUG? – Abhijeet Rastogi Dec 30 '09 at 16:51
That's not what the error above (in your question) says. Yes it is a BUG in Your code (or the book). But without further context (like the code) it is imposable to narrow it down further. – Loki Astari Dec 30 '09 at 17:25

The problem is that QMainWindow extends Ui_MainWindow, which also defines the statusBar method.

Probably this wasn't the case in previous versions of QT.

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I am a newbie for GUI stuff with just knowledge of basic C++. so have I found a bug? – Abhijeet Rastogi Dec 30 '09 at 15:40
No this is normal behaviour and not a bug. Since there are two definitions of statusBar, you need to explicitly select one. – kgiannakakis Dec 30 '09 at 15:56

I also read that book and had the same problem. The decision is:

  1. invoke the method QMainWindow::statusBar()
    QMainWindow::statusBar()->showMessage(tr("File successfully loaded."), 3000);

  2. or use a pointer *statusBar from Ui_MainWindow
    Ui_MainWindow::statusBar->showMessage(tr("File successfully loaded."), 3000);

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