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I try connect to https server, but I get error -1012(NSErrorFailingURLKey). If I try connect to http then all is good. But I should connect to https. What does it can be? I tried connect via AFNetworking v1.0 and v2.0. I used AFHTTPRequestOperation, AFHTTPRequestOperationManager, AFHTTPClient and other. P.S. When I try connect to https via firebug, all is good. I mean, server works good.

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can you show some code please ? –  samir Nov 6 '13 at 9:06
fixed, see answer –  alex_izh Nov 7 '13 at 14:00

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Try with #define _AFNETWORKING_ALLOW_INVALID_SSL_CERTIFICATES_ 1 to allow invalid or self signed certificates.

By default, they are not allowed, see AFURLConnectionOperation.h

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I'm using a newer version of the AFNetworking library and #define is not working.

The issue was fixed with setting the property allowsInvalidSSLCertificate to YES on the client itself:

httpClient.allowsInvalidSSLCertificate = YES;
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What is oauthClient? –  ghazi_jaffary Dec 28 '13 at 11:04
@ghazi_jaffary it's an instance of AFHTTPClient –  Davide Vosti Dec 30 '13 at 6:17
Ok i have been using 2.0 version which have no AFHTTPClient class so i was wondering. Thanks –  ghazi_jaffary Dec 30 '13 at 6:21
What "newer version". Please state. Is HTTPClient even available with AFNetworking v2? –  wuf810 May 20 '14 at 14:40

The security policy in AFNetworking states that allowInvalidCertificates defaults to NO. You need to set it to YES.

AFHTTPRequestOperationManager *manager = [AFHTTPRequestOperationManager manager];
manager.securityPolicy.allowInvalidCertificates = YES; // not recommended for production

More details: https://github.com/AFNetworking/AFNetworking#security-policy

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