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I'm trying to figure a Raphael.js shape(sphere) which is based on following SVG tag code.

I have succeed in basic similar sphere style by the description :

  Paper.circle(100, 100, 30).attr({ fill: "r(0.35, 0.25)#FFFFFF-#252525:96-#000000", stroke: "none"});
  // radius is 30

But I can't reappear exactly. ---> [picture]

** The tag code of sphere ... main part is extracted **
<g id="layer1">

 <radialGradient id="path5725_3_" cx="156.0352" cy="657.6802" r="200.0004" 
  gradientTransform="matrix(1.0404 0.7962 0.8145 -1.0643 -531.7884 745.2471)" 

  <stop  offset="0" style="stop-color:#FFFFFF"/>
  <stop  offset="1" style="stop-color:#000000"/>

 <path id="path5725" fill="url(#path5725_3_)" d="M445.037,229.105c0,113.218-89.543,205-200,205c-110.457,
  0-200-91.782-200-205s89.543-205,200-205C355.494, 24.105,445.037,115.887,445.037,229.105z"/>

** ---------------------------------------- **

Here the completed picture of tag code is linked.

How to describe(modify) the Raphael.js code to reappear the picture ?

Thank you.

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Radial gradients have two sets of attributes that control how the gradient is rendered.

  • cx and cy set the centre of the gradient. (where the centre of the gradient circle is)
  • fx and fy set the focus of the gradient (ie. where offset="0" is).

The cx,cy and fx,fy attributes of a radial gradient

To get the gradient you are after, you need to set cx and cy. However Raphael's gradients use fx and fy instead. When cx and cy are not specified, they default to the centre of the element.

Unfortunately, from what I can see, it doesn't look like you can over-ride that Raphael behaviour.

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Thank you BigBadaboom. I've checked Raphael's API again. It doesn't have color-matrix effect, so Raphael can't draw the gradation which I want to. The best picture which I've achieved is : some_element.attr({fill: "r(0.35, 0.25)#fff-#000:95-#000", stroke: "none"}); *** It is important to insert #000:95 . –  TelTel Nov 14 '13 at 8:08

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