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For how to automatically evaluate certain lisp code every time starting an emacsclient, click here.

My problem is different. I want to write a script that opens a new emacs frame (with focus on it) (one way to do this is to run emacsclient -c) and then run the following elisp code in that frame.


I tried

emacsclient -c & emacsclient -eval '(org-remember)'

But sometimes it just opens a new frame unfocused and then runs the elisp code, and other times, it opens a new frame focused but runs the elisp code in the old frame.

Some who knows what org-remember does might ask me why not just do this:

emacsclient -eval '(org-remember)'

but that doesn't bring focus on the old frame.

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My version of emacsclient doesn't support the -c argument, despite the documentation advertising it.

I'm not sure if there's a cleaner way to do this, but you could try using make-frame and select-frame, like so:

emacsclient -e '(select-frame (make-frame))' '(org-remember)'

That will create a new frame and, in case your window manager doesn't select it automatically, grant it focus, and then execute the second command with that new frame having focus.

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How about just combining the two command lines you've already tried into one:

emacsclient -c -e '(org-remember)'

That works in Emacs 23.1.

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