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i want to create a fileset for deployment via SCP. So far, so good, files are being deployed, BUT:

I only want to deploy files and subfolders of a folder with a dynamic name.

My directory tree is:

Source Files 
     |_ _target
           |_ <timestamp>-package
                  |_ css
                  |_ img
                  |_ js
                  |_ index.php
    |_ css
    |_ scss
    |_ img
    |_ config.rb

I only want to deploy the files and subfolders of

_target | <timestamp>-package

so I declared the fileset like

<fileset id="fileset:deployment" dir="${basedir}/_target">
    <include name="**/**" />

As you see, the subfolder of "_target" has a dynamic name, because it contains a timestamp (it gets created with a different ant target). SCP now deploys the whole folder "timestamp-package", but I want to deploy ONLY the files and subfolders IN there. Is there any way to achieve that?

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There's probably several ways to do this. I'm assuming you have only one <timestamp>-package directory present at build time, as otherwise you would have ambiguity.

Here's one method. Use a <dirset> task to identify the correct parent directory for your <fileset>:

<dirset id="src.dir" dir="_target">
    <include name="*-package" />

Then use that as part of the dir attribute of your <fileset>:

<fileset id="fileset:deployment" dir="_target/${ant.refid:src.dir}">
    <include name="**/**" />
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