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i have a problem regarding the installation of Insoshi. I followed the insallation instructions in the Readme file of Insoshi. My problems occur when i try to run "script/install"

The readme file says, that when the script fails, there is something wrong with the database configuration in the database.yml file. But i checked it several times now and i can't find the failure. When i run "script/intstall" i get the following message:

Couldn't create database for {"timeout"=>5000, "username"=>"MYUSERNAME", "adapter"=>"mysql", "database"=>"DBNAME", "host"=>"localhost", "password"=>MYPW}, charset: utf8, collation: utf8_general_ci (if you set the charset manually, make sure you have a matching collation) (in /Users/domi/Coding/Rails/insoshi) rake aborted! uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes

I hope some of you can help me with this problem.

best regards


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You should use a root user to create the database.

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