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I have a problem with my charts in Access.

I want to generate a chart in Access 2010 by using VBA. The time between the values must be in seconds, minutes or hours. But in Access i can only chose days, months and years so not seconds, minutes or hours.

Here are some values that i have:

16-5-2011 09:48:11   50  0
18-9-2012 11:32:12   57  5
18-9-2012 11:32:13   56  8
18-9-2012 11:32:14   51  9
18-9-2012 11:32:15   52  8
20-12-2012 20:06:28  60  3

I solved my problem already a little bit by adding records with only the date and time that are between the dates. This let the chart look like its based on the seconds but to add every time-record one at a time takes minutes. I even use a query that inserts multiple records at one moment.

Please help me to find a faster way.

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Please edit your question to show us the code you are trying to use. Also, please explain what you mean by "in Access i can only choose days, months and years so not seconds, minutes or hours". – Gord Thompson Nov 6 '13 at 11:20
What kind of chart are you using? You might need to build your own chart using Image frames and/or Labels. That is what I've resorted to doing a few times. – HK1 Nov 6 '13 at 12:54

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