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Is it possible to view class hierarchy in intellij along with methods. Suppose, I'd like to know in which classes along class hierarchy certain method was overriden/implemented. In eclipse I can open hierarchy panel (f4), lock on method and then it'll show me where it was overriden. How can I achieve the same thing in Intellij ?

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On a gutter left to every method signature, you have a little icon indicating if its overriden/implemented or overrides/implements some other method.

enter image description here

Just hover on it to see where.

enter image description here

Click will let you choose implementation and jump to it.

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You can go to

View -> Tool Windows -> Structure

and clicking the gearwheel select Show Inherited

or go to

View -> Tool Windows -> Hierarchy
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As far as I know, Structure (also accessible via Alt + 7) won't tell you that. It only annotates which method in inspected class are overriding/implementing methods of a base class, not the other way. – Michał Rybak Nov 6 '13 at 11:34
@MichałRybak you're right, changed my answer – Eel Lee Nov 6 '13 at 12:06

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