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In Controller I've this

public static Result index(String message, String alert) {
    return ok(index.render(message, alert));

Route file

GET     /        controllers.Application.index(msg: String, alert: String)

Then, in other method I've these return:

return redirect(routes.Application.index("String message 1", "String message 2"));

return ok(index.render("String message 1", "String message 2"));

What I want to do is redirect to index page passing two strings to display in index.scala.html :

@(message: String, alert: String)

@main("Ready") {
    @if(message) { 
        <div class="alert">

Both the return don't work. I get this error from Eclipse:

The method index() in the type ReverseApplication is not applicable for the arguments (String, String)

and this from play compilation:

render(java.lang.String,java.lang.String) in views.html.index cannot be applied to (java.lang.String)


with render it's ok but: it render the index page but the url remains the old one. Is it correct?

with redirect: it redirect the page but it appends to the url the passed strings


What I want is a redirect to a page passing strings, but with the url of the redirect. is it possible?

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You messed things a little:

// This is a redirect to an action (public static Result index()) which in your case hasn't these 2 String args declared in route/method definition
return redirect(routes.Application.index("String message 1", "String message 2"));

// This one renders the view `index.scala.html`
return ok(index.render("String message 1", "String message 2"));

TIP: Just rename your index view file to ie. indexView.scala.html and then use like:

return ok(indexView.render("String message 1", "String message 2"));

to avoid mistakes.

And just confirm: you can use arguments in your redirections, anyway remember that they need to be declared in routes file and are NOT optional in java actions.

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Thanks for clarify, could you check the updated code and the Edit in first post? –  Fred K Nov 6 '13 at 11:03

This is the best way I've tried to do what I need:


public static Result save() {
  flash("success", "The item has been created");
  return redirect(routes.Application.index());


  @if(flash.contains("success")) {
    <div class="alert">

With the use of flash I can "pass" a string to the redirected page without change the url.

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