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Following is a code from https://github.com/jeffbowen/django-logicaldelete/blob/master/logicaldelete/models.py

I am trying to understand what active.boolean = True does in the code.

class Model(models.Model):
    This base model provides date fields and functionality to enable logical
    delete functionality in derived models.

    date_created  = models.DateTimeField(default=timezone.now)
    date_modified = models.DateTimeField(default=timezone.now)
    date_removed  = models.DateTimeField(null=True, blank=True)

    objects = managers.LogicalDeletedManager()

    def active(self):
        return self.date_removed == None
    active.boolean = True  # <------------------- HERE

    def delete(self):
        self.date_removed = timezone.now

    class Meta:
        abstract = True
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It defines the method as boolean (which it is), so if used by admin site will use the default icons for such a field (instead of True or False as it will without it) – yuvi Nov 6 '13 at 10:41
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In Python, functions and methods are objects like anything else. This code is simply adding an attribute boolean to the active function, which can be used elsewhere in the code. It doesn't have any significance in and of itself.

In this case, it's used by the admin list display code, to display a nice icon in the list instead of True/False.

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