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I'm trying to manage a ruby script with supervisord but because I haven't fully understood how RVM works I have not been able to do it properly.

Normally I would just do the following:

# sourcing of rvm done automatically on ssh login
cd /var/rails/myapp
RAILS_ENV="production" bundle exec ./script/backgroundrb

But with the following configuration file I cannot do it:

command=bundle exec ./script/backgroundrb

I get the following error:

Could not load OpenSSL. You must recompile Ruby with OpenSSL support or change the sources in your Gemfile from 'https' to 'http'. Instructions for compiling with OpenSSL using RVM are available at rvm.io/packages/openssl.

It looks like I'm not managing to get the right ruby environment.

I thought setting the path would work, because if I do:

which bundle

I get: /usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02@global/bin/bundle

But I'm not even sure of what is happening.

With Python I would do something like:

command=/path/to/virtualenv/bin/python /path/to/script.py

Is there something similar I could do with ruby?

The output of rvm info is:


    uname:       "Linux owtb2 3.2.0-44-generic #69-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 16 17:35:01 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux"
    system:      "ubuntu/12.04/x86_64"
    bash:        "/bin/bash => GNU bash, version 4.2.25(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)"
    zsh:         " => not installed"

    version:      "rvm 1.21.3 (stable) by Wayne E. Seguin <wayneeseguin@gmail.com>, Michal Papis <mpapis@gmail.com> [https://rvm.io/]"
    updated:      "4 months 4 days 3 hours 54 minutes 35 seconds ago"

    interpreter:  "ruby"
    version:      "1.8.7"
    date:         "2012-02-08"
    platform:     "x86_64-linux"
    patchlevel:   "2012-02-08 MBARI 8/0x6770 on patchlevel 358"
    full_version: "ruby 1.8.7 (2012-02-08 MBARI 8/0x6770 on patchlevel 358) [x86_64-linux], MBARI 0x6770, Ruby Enterprise Edition 2012.02"

    gem:          "/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02"
    ruby:         "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02"

    ruby:         "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bin/ruby"
    irb:          "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bin/irb"
    gem:          "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bin/gem"
    rake:         "/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02@global/bin/rake"

    PATH:         "/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bin:/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02@global/bin:/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bin:/usr/local/rvm/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"
    GEM_HOME:     "/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02"
    GEM_PATH:     "/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02:/usr/local/rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2012.02@global"
    MY_RUBY_HOME: "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02"
    IRBRC:        "/usr/local/rvm/rubies/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/.irbrc"
    RUBYOPT:      ""
    gemset:       ""
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With the first configuration, what is the output of rvm info? By setting the PATH in that way, you are bypassing rvm and forcing the use of ruby-ree-1.8.7 bins... –  Andrea Salicetti Nov 6 '13 at 11:16
added output of rvm info –  nemesisdesign Nov 6 '13 at 11:34

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Thanks to the suggestion of @mpapis I have been able to figure out something that works.

His suggestion unfortunately didn't, but he was right in the fact that I had to look in /usr/local/rvm/wrappers

This is the working config file:

command=/usr/local/rvm/wrappers/ree-1.8.7-2012.02/bundle exec ./script/backgroundrb
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it should be:

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near.. I had to tweak something and got it working. Thx for the suggestion abut the wrappers folder. What is that? –  nemesisdesign Nov 6 '13 at 13:51
in the wrappers directory you can find most common binaries for ruby wrapped in a script that loads proper environment and then loads the binary, in case you need to load other binary then one available already you can run: rvm wrapper ruby-version --no-links binary_name. –  mpapis Nov 6 '13 at 14:05
thank you very much –  nemesisdesign Nov 6 '13 at 16:01

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