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This Code is showing a Textarea Input from the Backend in my Frontend:


Its possible there are Links in it as simple text for example:

Is it possible somehow to detect those links and wrap a linktag around it with Typo3 6 and Fluid?

Its rather easy in Javascript but if possible I prefer a Typo3/Fluid solution here.

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why dont you use the RTE for your Textfield in the Backend and render it in Fluid with


If you do it like this, you have your line breaks rendered and all the Links, too. You enable the RTE features in your TCA-Configuration:

'textarea' => array(
        'exclude' => 0,
        'label' => 'your_label_from_locallang.xlf',
        'config' => array(
                'type' => 'text',
                'cols' => 40,
                'rows' => 15
        'defaultExtras' => 'richtext[]'
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Is the fluid used in context of an extension? If so make the check on php side and bind a boolean value to the view. You can then use something like this:

<f:if condition="isLink">
        <f:link.external uri="{data.textfield}" target="_blank">{data.textfield}</f:link.external>

Unfortunately condition is very limited in what it can check on fluid side only so this won't help if you can't use php. Another possibility would be to create a ViewHelper for that.

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i will try it. thanks good idea. – ggzone Nov 6 '13 at 14:49

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