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I was looking at a deploy script used by a client of mine that does the following:

rsync -ad source destination\

Am I correct that if both -a and -d are both specified that because -a implies -r which takes precedent over -d then -d has no effect?

From my reading of the man pages this seems to be the case but searching for a definitive answer has not satisfied me.

I hope Stackoverflow can help!

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From the mentioned rsync manual, it is the case of -d having no effect.

If you specify both --dirs and --recursive, --recursive takes precedence.

I would remove that -d option fom the deploy script. It is only causing confusion.

You could perform a single --dry-run just to clear your conscience. :P

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I found some time to do some trial and error testing of this myself just to make sure and indeed -d has not effect that I could discern –  Binarytales Dec 4 '13 at 15:59

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