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can any body help me by suggesting me a good option for background subtraction using project is real time pedestrian detection.please..its urgent.

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This is quite possible take a look at the "MotionDetection" example provided with EMGU this should get you started.

Effectively the code that removes the foreground is effectively named "_forgroundDetector" it is the "_motionHistory" that presents stores what movement has occurred.

The example has everything you need if you have trouble running it let me know,



See:Removing background from _capture.QueryFrame()

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Not sure if you still need this, EmguCV, if you have 2 images of say type Image<Bgr, Byte> or any other type, called img1 and img2, doing img1 - img2 does work! There is a function called AbsDiff as well, I think it works like this: img1.AbsDiff(img2), you could look into that.

If you already have the picture of the background (img1) and you have the current frame (img2), you could do the above.

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