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Is there a standard "Loading, please wait" dialog I can use in Android development, when I invoke some AsyncTask (downloading some data from remote service for example)?

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You mean something like an indeterminate ProgressDialog?

Edit: i.e.

ProgressDialog dialog = ProgressDialog.show(context, "Loading", "Please wait...", true);

then call dialog.dismiss() when done.

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If you implement runnable as well as extending Activity then you could handle the code like this...

private ProgressDialog pDialog;

public void downloadData() {
    pDialog = ProgressDialog.show(this, "Downloading Data..", "Please wait", true,false);
    Thread thread = new Thread(this);

public void run() {
// add downloading code here

private Handler handler = new Handler() {
    public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
        // handle the result here

It's worth mentioning that you can set the content view of the progress dialog so you can display a custom message / image:)

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Mirko is basically correct, however there are two things to note:

  1. ProgressDialog.show() is a shortcut that automatically creates a dialog. Unlike other dialogs, it should NOT be used in onCreateDialog(), as it will cause errors in Android 1.5.

  2. There are some further issues with AsyncTask + ProgressDialog + screen orientation changes that you should be aware of - check this out.

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thanks for list of things to watch out! and by the way, cute Braid icon you have there :) –  kape123 Dec 30 '09 at 17:56

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