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I am develoing an IOS application. I am using FacebookSDK for login. we have 3 developers working on project. Also we using git subversion. I added facebookSDK to project, and also unchecked "Copy items into destination group's folder(if needed)". But Other developers pull to project and faceook SDK has failed them. What should I do write to Framework Search Path

$(SRCROOT) :    /dev/workplace/applications/myapp

My Project Sorce Path :    /dev/workplace/applications/myapp

My FacebookSDK folder path :     /Users/Ari.Fon/Documents/FacebookSDK
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I stumble to this issue today and the best solution for me was to add: "$(SRCROOT)/YourProjectName/FacebookSDKFolder/FacebookSdk"

Important: use the quotes when adding this search path or it won't work ;)

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