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I am closing an Activity at the end of a testcase, so that it is null at the beginning of the next testcase:

public void test1() throws Exception {

    //activity is calling the RegisterActivity in onCreate
    activity = getActivity();

    // register next activity that need to be monitored.
    RegisterActivity nextActivity = (RegisterActivity) getInstrumentation()
        .waitForMonitorWithTimeout(activityMonitor, 5);
    // next activity is opened and captured.
    if (nextActivity != null) {

public void test2() throws Exception {
    //nextActivity.finish() from the previous test has not yet finished

    //body of test2

If I set a Thread sleep in test1 then problem is solved:

    if (nextActivity != null) {

Is there a better way to to this? Is there a method that blocks the TestRunner until nextActivity is finished?

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Try creating a new thread for the nextActivity to run in. After calling the thread.start() method, call thread.join() where you want the TestRunner blocked.

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