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Is it correct to assume that a QObject with a setter taking a pointer:

  • Will take ownership and delete the pointer, if the pointer is T*?

    Example: void QComboBox::setModel(QAbstractItemModel *)

  • Will not take ownership and not delete the pointer, if the pointer is const T*?

    Example: void QLineEdit::setValidator(const QValidator *)

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There's no strict rule to that - in your cases the "receiver objects" don't take ownership of the passed objects.

In cases where ownership is transferred, it's documented, see for example QComboBox::setLineEdit():

Sets the line edit to use instead of the current line edit widget. The combo box takes ownership of the line edit.

Should there be cases of ownership transfer where it's not documented, I'd consider that a Qt bug.

Passing a parent to the validator or model as suggested by piotrus is always safe.

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The answer gives me some allergic reactions - meaning - QT code itself has no notion of ownership, besides documentation. – Dieter Lücking Nov 6 '13 at 13:12
Well, it has, the QObject parent-child hierarchy. If taking ownership makes sense or not is really context-dependent - a model or validator for example can be shared by multiple widgets. One taking ownership would break that. – Frank Osterfeld Nov 6 '13 at 13:36

the only time a QObject will take ownership is when it becomes the parent of the other object or if it is explicitly documented to take ownership

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QObject will delete all its children when it gets deleted. To add a child to such QObject appropriate relationship must be established, i.e:

QObject* parent = new QObject();
QObject* child = new QObject(parent);
delete parent;//all the child objects will get deleted when parent is deleted

In your example there is no such statement, you should call

QAbstractItemModel ( QObject * parent = 0 )

constructor before you pass the pointer to your function or call

void QObject::setParent ( QObject * parent )
//Makes the object a child of parent.

inside your function.

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