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I wonder what is (if is) the "shortcut"(code-snippet) for adding handlers in VB.NET (Visual Studio 2005/08), equivalent to the += + Tab + Tab in button1.Click += ... C# IDE.

In this way C# IDE auto-creates the necessary method, with all necessary parameters. So, If I know that I need to execute a method at a event even if I don't know the function implementation signature I do MyEvent+=TabTab and I just write the method's code.

So AddHandler button1.Click???

Nota Bene

I am asking about a object not (necessarily) linked with the Visual Studio Form's designer. Suppose my button is a private one in a custom class or is a button generated by some code, or, in general my button is a any object that implement an event...


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AddHandler button1.Click, AddressOf MethodName

Unless you're taking about auto-creating the method which C# does, then I have no idea :/

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