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I have been using bower which follows a similar syntax to NPM, so if i do

  Bower list

It shows me a list of the installed packaged but also tells me if there is a higher version available.

I tried the npm -g list and I see a number of packages which I know there are updates available but it doesn't say update available.

I tried offering --depth=0 and still the same.

I didn't want to just run update as this would install all updates and I have seen before breaking changes from 1 version to another.

I am probably not using npm correctly, is there a way to a get a list of what I have installed and what is available together so I can see it on one line.

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You are looking for npm outdated:

this command will check the registry to see if any (or, specific) installed packages are currently outdated.

npm outdated -g

Here is the output example:

npm@1.3.13 /Users/miktam/.nvm/v0.10.20/lib/node_modules/npm current=1.3.11
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Thats great, just what I needed. Thanks –  Martin Nov 6 '13 at 17:17
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