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I have an application where I have two models: debates and challenges.

Every model has a title, and I use acts_as_taggable on both.

I have a search form where I can search on every tags:


<%= form_tag ("/search_results"), :method => "get", :id=>"search-form" do %>

  <%= text_field_tag ("search") , nil, :id=>"search-text",
    :onblur=>"if(this.value=='')this.setAttribute('class', 'search_input');",
    :onfocus=>"this.setAttribute('class', 'search_input_clear');",
    placeholder: "Chercher un débat"
<% end %>

and on my controller:

def search_results
 @challenges = Challenge.tagged_with("#{params[:search]}")
 @debates = Debate.tagged_with("#{params[:search]}")
 @lists =   @debates + @challenges

The question is, how can I combine search on tags and on titles in the same search tag?

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If you want to show results with matching title and tagged as well, than you can something like this:

def search_results
 @tag_challenges = Challenge.tagged_with("#{params[:search]}")
 @title_search = Challange.where(:title => params[:search])
 @challenges =   @tag_challenges +  @title_search

 @tag_debates = Debate.tagged_with("#{params[:search]}")
 @title_debates = Debate.where(:title => params[:search]) 
 @debates = @tag_debates + @title_debates 
 @lists =   @debates + @challenges

You only have to find the unique records of these. And I think you are able to do that.


Not a problem, you can write SQL like queries here as well:

@title_search = Challange.where("title LIKE %#{params[:search]}%")

@title_debates = Debate.where("title LIKE %#{params[:search]}%") 

Now it will search for every text in your title.


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Great! It works If I enter the whole title in the search box, but what if I only search for one word of the title ? Sorry I don't have enough credits to vote up – Paul Ghorra Nov 6 '13 at 17:03

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