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I am getting into App Engine development right now with Java and I am wondering what people think about using the low level api instead of JPA? I understand that JPA may make the solutions more portable in the future but I don't anticipate taking my code anywhere else.

Is it ok to use the low level api instead of JPA? I'm interested in hearing the pros/cons of each method.

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It should be obvious that high-level API has many drawbacks derived from the "distance" from the actual low-level code. Despite that, it is my opinion that for the sake of clarity high-level APIs should always be preferred over low-level ones - at least as long as all requirements from the software being developed are met... – Yaneeve Dec 30 '09 at 17:51

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I woud perfer a clear API like jdo over direct use of datastore There are new article serie with nice examples form Google self at

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I find the low-level API more "clear" than JDO, but +1 for the excellent link. – Thilo Jan 9 '10 at 2:29

Why choose one or the other? I would choose a higher level abstraction that's documented (JPA or JDO) and the low-level API where the high level abstraction falls short.

Keep in mind that the API still seems to be a work in progress so if you choose the low level API exclusively, be prepared to roll with the changes.

I found JDO to be easiest to work with and haven't had to resort to using the low-level API yet.

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