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I use the PyCharm community edition and also ipython. PyCharm automatically recognizes ipython and sets it as the default console (PyCharm webhelp link), so when in debugging mode, it accepts to runs ipython magic commands, like list? or ls or %timeit.

It is very nice, but I would like to use the plain old python console. Is there a simple way to do that? Note that I do not want to uninstall ipython (which obviously solves my problem) nor do I want to set up a virtualenv.

I use python 3.3.2, but the problem is the same with 2.7.

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Go in File --> Default Settings, click console , Uncheck Use IPython, if available

then go in File --> Settings, uncheck Use IPython, if available

Default Settings and Settings are two different options in File menu so make sure to follow both

i am using PyCharm version 3.4 and after doing both the above processes i do not get IPython Console.

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Use a virtualenv. Configure a new PyCharm python interpreter from this virtualenv : Go to Settings > Python interpreters > Add, then choose /your_virtualenv_path/bin/python. Of course make sure you do not install ipython in this virtualenv. Set the just created python interpreter as default for your project and now you can run a simple python console.

Edit Sorry I just saw that you did not want to use a virtualenv, my bad. Don't know how to do it then.

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