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I am working on Azure / Windows Phone 8 project.

I have procedure called 'RegisterUser', and API called 'registeruser'. I want to send information from procedure to my application with sasUrl variable. How can I read anything what returns procedure, for example if it raiseerror or just send Users.ID and pass that information to my variable sasUrl?

JavaScript in Azure API = function(request, response) {
var login = request.body.login;
var sasUrl = 'Message';
//var key = request.query.key;

'exec RegisterUser ' + login + ';', {
    success: function(results) {
        sasUrl = 'Executed';
        response.send(statusCodes.OK, { SASUrl : sasUrl });
     error: function(results) {
        sasUrl = 'Error';
        response.send(statusCodes.Error, { SASUrl : sasUrl });



DECLARE @newid int;
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * from Users Where Users.Login like @Login)
  set @newid = (SELECT MAX(Users.ID) from Users);
  set @newid = @newid + 1;
  INSERT INTO Users (ID, Login, KeyID, RightID) VALUES (@newid, @Login, 100, 100);
  Select Users.ID from Users where Users.Login like @Login;
 RAISERROR ('Użytkownik już istnieje, rejestracja się nie powiodła',10, 1) 
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Are you able to debug js code? Can you share what you get in result in success method? –  WooCaSh Nov 6 '13 at 15:14
No because it's for custom Api's for Azure Mobile Service. There is just syntax check nothing more. I can evaluate code after save with my browser, but still it's connected with Windows Phone 8 project, where request looks like 'var sas = await App.MobileService.InvokeApiAsync<RegisterUser, SASResponse>("registeruser", user);' –  boski Nov 6 '13 at 15:25

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