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I have a few Ubuntu VMs. One with a DHCP server and the rest would be clients.

On the DHCP server,

  • I created a Linux bridge (br-1)
  • Assigned static IP to eth1.
  • Attached the interface eth1 to bridge br-1.
  • Ran dnsmasq on eth1.

Then from a client I ran 'dhclient -v eth1' in the hope to get an IP. But it does not work. However, if I just move the eth1 out of the bridge and try a dhclient from one of my client VMs the client gets an IP assigned properly. Am not sure why. Can anyone please point out what am I missing here ?

I also tried the following --

  • Assigning the bridge (br-1) a static IP in the subnet range as eth1.
  • Adding default gateway for bridge IP.
  • Adding default gateway for eth1 IP.
  • Disabling IP tables fully.

None of the above helped. I have to use the Linux bridge as it is part of a larger requirement.

Any pointers would be of great help.

Thanks !

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