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There is /revisions API described here

rev_limit Default is 10. Max is 1,000. When listing a file, the service won't report listings containing more than the amount specified and will instead respond with a 406 (Not Acceptable) status response.

Does it mean that if I will update file on my dropbox more than 1000 times then I wont be able to get any revision history of this file using DropBox Core API?

If there is a limit of 1000 revisions why this api wont just return LAST 1000 revisions instead of returning NOTHING when there is more than 1000 revisions??

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In actuality, this endpoint will returned the most recent n revisions, up to rev_limit. I'm updating the documentation to match.

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Thanks a lot, it was confusing. – user606521 Nov 8 '13 at 6:32

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