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From the sample code of the SDK, I can read the accelerometer at 4-5Hz by using:

registerListener(listener, Sensor.SensorRates.SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST, Sensor.SensorInterruptMode.SENSOR_INTERRUPT_ENABLED);

but it does not work when using registerFixedRateListener(). How to read accelerometer data from SW2 with higher rate? for example 10Hz, 20Hz...


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I'm able to read values on my SW 2 at 10Hz with disabled interrupts using

sensor.registerFixedRateListener(mListener, Sensor.SensorRates.SENSOR_DELAY_FASTEST);

However, 10 Hz seems to be the limit.

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Thanks Amark. It seems that the output rate on SW2 is very limited. –  Taddy Jan 2 at 2:14

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