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I'm using the Godaddy shared hosting, I've used Nuget to e install Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrl, then I followed set of articles like Hanselman's one, everything seem to be easy and straightforward, nothing had to be written in web.config, only couple of code lines as mentioned and .. not the desired results.

when I need to show www.mysite/contactus instead of www.mysite/contactus.aspx, it doesn't work, but when typing www.mysite/contactus on browser it goes to needed page with no extension shown.

In brief, I need to hide the aspx extension, I've made the routeConfig class like below

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) {

In Global.asax, Application_Start event,


As stated in many examples, that should work like charm, when that didn't happen, I've tried to define my own routes.

routes.MapPageRoute("Contactus-Route", "contactus/{*queryvalues}", "~/contactus.aspx");

Is there any configurations that may need to be done from GoDaddy side? or what?

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