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I am new to VBA's and have pieced together this macro from various searches on "how to filter between two specific dates in excel." I am trying to have it read the dates from two cells and restrict the shown data to data between those dates. The input data to the workbook is a SQL table that will be growing over time, so I need the left bound of the range to be the last row with a value in it. Each line in my AutoFilter part returns an "Expected Named Parameter" error with the := sign highlighted. From the forums I have read this is due to using VBA reserved words as variable names, but I not think that is the case in this instance.
Here is my code:

Public Sub MyFilter()
.AutoFilterMode = False
Dim datRight, datLeft As Date
Dim lastRow As Long
datLeft = Range("J1").Value
datRight = Range("J2").Value
lastRow = Range("A:A").Find("*", Range("A2"), searchdirection:=xlPrevious).Row
ActiveSheet.Range("F2:F" & lastRow).AutoFilter Field:=7,
Criteria1:=">=" & datLeft, _
Operator:= xlAnd,
Criteria2:="<=" & datRight, VisibleDropDown:=True
End Sub
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  1. The first error you will get is at the line .AutoFilterMode = False Notice the DOT before Autofilter. You have to qualify it with the relevant sheet. For example, ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").AutoFilterMode = False

  2. When you are trying to find the lastrow using *, Always use the method as mentioned in THIS post else you will get an error if the worksheet is blank.

  3. Your declaration Dim datRight, datLeft As Date. In VBA only the last variable will be declared as Date and the first one will be declared as Variant. Change it to Dim datRight As Date, datLeft As Date Also if the J1 and J2 values are not date values then you will get an error.

Now to your problem. You are getting that error because you the missing the continuation character _

Try this

ActiveSheet.Range("F2:F" & lastRow).AutoFilter Field:=7, _
Criteria1:=">=" & datLeft, _
Operator:=xlAnd, _
Criteria2:="<=" & datRight, VisibleDropDown:=True
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It compiled, and thank you for your insight. – Matt Nov 6 '13 at 16:57

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