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I have written two queries. The first one return me an array of skill tag's GUIDs. Then second one is to select those contacts whose skills tag's ids are present in that array, if match will return the results. But it give the error that "Invalid ennvocation of property or method" on the second query. The first one executes correctly. Any help..

using (dvService) {

var query_opportunitySkill = (from c in dvService.ser_opportunityskillSet join a in dvService.ser_volunteeropportunitySet on c.ser_volunteeropportunityid.Id equals a.ser_volunteeropportunityId where c.ser_volunteeropportunityid.Id == opportunityId select new { c.ser_tagid.Id }).ToArray();

if (query_opportunitySkill.Count() > 0)


var volunteerSkills = (from constSkills in dvService.ser_constituentvolunteerskillsSet join cont in dvService.ContactSet on constSkills.ser_contact.Id equals cont.ContactId where (query_opportunitySkill.Contains(new { constSkills.ser_tagid.Id })) select new { constSkills.ser_contact });



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I am using crmsvcutil.exe generated class. –  naveed ali Nov 6 '13 at 16:37
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