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I'm working in a company whose has installed an Oracle Designer Editor We're using it for having the same copy of the database schema in dev/pre/prod enviroments.

The problem is that it does not have version control. So today, I accidentaly deleted a table and it was very awful to recover this. I spent all day.

I know this is a very old enviroment, but I would like to add version control to this. Do you know any way to do this? any plug-in maybe?

How can I add version control to Oracle Designer Editor

Thank you very much

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Which version control system do you hope to use?

If you're using either Subversion or TFS, then we might have good news for you. Red Gate Source Control for Oracle could meet your needs. This lets you link a development database to a folder in your version control repository, allowing you to commit any changes for safekeeping. We'd welcome your feedback if you get a chance to try it.

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