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In my project i need to implement payment gateway so that i tried to implement through Authorize.Net iOS SDK .

By googling i have followed some steps as in below

1)Downloaded Authorize.Net iOS SDK from https://developer.authorize.net/integration/fifteenminutes/ios/

2) Goto MyProject -> Targets -> Build Settings.

1.Header Search Paths :


Mark the Recursive checkbox as checked


Library Search Paths : $(SRCROOT)/anet_ios_sdk-1.1.1/ANMobilePaymentLib

Other Linker Flags : -lxml2

3) Imported SystemConfiguration.framework

4) Imported libxml2.2.dylib and libxml2dylib

3) Drag and drop the ANMobilePaymentLib.xcodeproj file from Authorize.Net SDK folder into Xcode under MyProject.

Error : (while compiling)

'MobileDeviceLoginRequest.h' file not found

// Here i can't access the header folder

4 ) So that i have tried to add the sdk into my project like a framework , then i got different error

Error : (while compiling)

ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L/Users/sathish/Documents/CompanyApps/TestApps/PaymentGateway/anet_ios_sdk-1.1.1/ANMobilePaymentLib'

// Here i can't find the ANMobilePaymentLib in Authorize.Net iOS SDK and where i can download LibANMobilePaymentLib.a

pls guide me to resolve this issue.

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I have created this sample project, you can download from below link : https://github.com/sibahota059/AuthorizeNetPaymentTest/tree/master. This sample only can be compiled and run without any error. you need to add your code to other stuffs.

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I want to add(just drag & drop anet_ios_sdk-1.1.1) into my project but it always giving error that "ANMobilePaymentLib" library not found.. –  Nilesh_iOSDev Jul 24 '14 at 11:19
hi, you have to add the framework By --> Target--> Build Phases--> Link Binary with Libraries--> add Other (Now show the path of ANMobilePaymentLib) –  Siba Prasad Hota Jul 29 '14 at 8:02
How the swipe work in this demo? any idea about that?. i try to swipe card with IDTECH swiper but nothing happen. if any successfully implemented then pls guide me. thanks. –  user2236407 Mar 12 at 13:54

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