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So here are the Columns:

Column A: Date
Column B: Prices of NASDAQ
Column C: Prices of ABC Stocks

I want to run a financial beta formula, (=COVAR(C1:C1000,B1:B1000)/VAR(B1:B1000). But, I don't want the cells to always start from the first row... I want to be able to calculate this formula at different rows.

For example, if I have (=COVAR(C60:C1000,B60:B1000)/VAR(B60:B1000) I want to be able to make that change by referring to a date in a new cell labeled "Start Date" without rewriting each formula.

I'm thinking of nesting a =Cell("address") formula within a vlookup, but I'm having trouble with this.

Could anyone please help me?

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INDEX is usually preferable to INDIRECT for 2 reasons

1.) INDIRECT is a "volatile" function which means that it re-calculates every time the worksheet changes - potentially slowing everything down

2.) With INDEX you don't need to "hardcode" the column letters like "C" so the formula will still work if you add or delete columns.

It would look like this


...or rather than repeating the same MATCH function 3 times you could put the MATCH part alone in a separate cell or make it a named range - e.g. named start and formula becomes:


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