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Can someone please help me to write the follow query in criteria? I don't know how to make that subselect.

select * from modulo m  
left outer join grupomodulo gm on m.grupomodulo_id = gm.Id  
left outer join grupousuariomodulos gum on gum.modulo_id = m.Id  
left outer join grupousuario gu on gum.grupousuario_id = gu.Id  
where exists  
select Id from  
select distinct(sm.Id), sm.nome from modulo sm  
left outer join grupomodulo sgm on sm.grupomodulo_id = sgm.Id  
left outer join grupousuariomodulos sgum on sgum.modulo_id = sm.Id  
left outer join grupousuario sgu on sgum.grupousuario_id = sgu.Id  
order by sm.Nome  
limit 10 offset 10  
as subquery  
where Id = m.Id  
order by m.Nome
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The subselect would need to be done via Subqueries.

DetachedCriteria subCriteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(Modulo.class, "modulo");

Note that this is without the order by and limit. I would first see whether this works, then look into the ordering and limit. Without details, I am assuming the joins are already accomplished in your Modulo Domain class.

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