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I have been asked to support Chrome on an inherited selenium setup, but am having problems importing a CA to the trusted root. I am running RC 2.37.0 on Windows 7 with the latest version of Chrome.

When I run a test I get the "A program running on this computer is trying to display a message" prompt (same as IE and FF), which I have to click to see the browser session the test runs in. However when the site under test loads it gives a certificate warning, and the cert is signed by Cyber Villains.  When I try to import the Cyber Villains CA into the trusted root I get the error: "import failed because the operation was cancelled" This error also happens when I try to import the CA for my company.

If I launch Chrome from the desktop manually I can add these CAs no problem, but these settings don't persist to the browser session the test runs in.

Can anyone help me get these CA imported (they were fine on FF and IE).

Please note I cannot use trustAllSSLCertificates as I have a Firefox test that tests certificate based auth and turning on trustAll.... breaks this test.

Thanks Adam

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This was solved by using the keytool in Java to add the certs to the cacerts keystore in jre\lib\security\cacerts. –  user2961873 Nov 12 '13 at 10:10
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