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I am very new on apple app development. I just updated the app for my company and trying to reupload it. But I can't pass the validate on xcode.

I am using xcode 5.01.

Below are my project setting: General: Bundle Identifier: com.company_name.program_name. Version and Build Are both 1.1 Signing: Mac App Store. Build Settings: Code Signing Identity both Debug and Release are chossing Mac Developer Provisioning Profile, I tried all of the profiles

I am still getting Invalid Provisioning Profile "Missing code-signing certificate" when validating.

I saw this post "Invalid Provisioning Profile... [Missing code-signing certificate.]" for brand new, Vanilla Mac App in OS X Mavericks

But deleting and recreating an account doesn't help. Can anyone help me?

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I'm dealing with the same issues. I'm signing with a provisioning profile that matches my applications BundleID, but I keep getting an error that it's invalid/missing.

Xcode's error messages are utter shit.

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