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If i have two tables that are identical in structure, how can i move a set of rows from 1 table to the other?

The set of rows will be determined from a select query.

for example:

customer table

person_id | person_name | person_email
123         tom           tom@example.com

persons table

person_id | person_name  | person_email

a sample select would be:

select * from customer_table where person_name = 'tom';

I want to move the row from customer table to person table

Ideally removing the data from the original table, but this wouldnt be a deal breaker.

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I believe your question has been previously answered: stackoverflow.com/questions/2343644/… –  Andrew - OpenGeoCode Nov 6 '13 at 20:25

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A simple INSERT INTO SELECT statement:

INSERT INTO persons_table select * from customer_table where person_name = 'tom';

DELETE FROM customer_table where person_name = 'tom';
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this query copy not move.... –  Pawan mishra Dec 16 '13 at 8:48
Warning ! this needs to be done in a transaction otherwise you could be losing some data –  jfgrang Dec 3 '14 at 15:29
Another option if you are using auto incrementing id's and are affecting the entire table. <br/><br/> SELECT MAX(id) INTO @max_id FROM TABLE_1 WHERE ....<br/> INSERT INTO TABLE_2 SELECT * FROM TABLE_1 WHERE id<=@max_id AND ....<br/> DELETE FROM TABLE_1 WHERE id<=@max_id AND ....<br/> –  John Congdon Jan 13 at 17:28
    INSERT INTO Persons_Table (person_id, person_name,person_email)
          SELECT person_id, customer_name, customer_email
          FROM customer_table
          WHERE "insert your where clause here";
    DELETE FROM customer_table
          WHERE "repeat your where clause here";
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I guess this should be wrapped in transaction. Otherwise this operation wouldn't be atomic. –  Dimitry K Feb 27 '14 at 9:52

I had to solve the same issue and this is what I used as solution.

To use this solution the source and destination table must be identical, and the must have an id unique and autoincrement in first table (so that the same id is never reused).

Lets say table1 and table2 have this structure


You can make those two query :


DELETE FROM table1 WHERE table1.id in (SELECT table2.id FROM table2)
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Suggested edit instead as comment (by Abent) "=> The delete query as proposed may be very heavy and take a very long execution time, better use the repeat where clause solution (much more lighter)" –  Trilarion Sep 17 '14 at 8:11

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