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I've been learning some HTML/CSS lately, and I decided to customize the new tab page in Google Chrome to have something to practice with.

So far, I've successfully edited chrome.dll with the Resource Hacker Tool.

Basically, I have removed everything except the background image from my theme. Also, I've added some transitions between background images that change every 60 seconds.

The images are loaded with CSS in a div.

Now, here's the problem:

Chrome can't load absolute path images like file:///C:/Temp/img_01.jpg. I've tried using the chrome.extension.getURL method. However, I can't make it work.

I know I could include my images in my CSS using Data URI scheme base64 strings. But the problem with that is that I would have to recompile chrome.dll every time I wanted to change the images.

Is there any other way to make Chrome load absolute path images?

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