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I am using the Javascript Api for Nokia "Here". I don't want the Labels of the country, state, city, etc appear on my map.

This issue can be resolved by changing the map type to "Satellite_plain". But I have restriction of using the "Terrain" view in my project.

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The list of supported map types can be found in the API Documentation here. Unfortunately TERRAIN_PLAIN (or something like that) is not a supported map type - only satellite imagery without labels is available "out of the box".

You will have to use the ImgTileProvider class to create your own tile overlay and hook it up to a Tile Map Server (TMS). The tiles you are after are actually the terrain basetiles as defined in the Map Tile API ( the documentation can be found here - log-in required) You can then use the terrain base tiles as a TMS as shown below:

function getTerrainTileUrl (zoom, row, column) {
    // This uses the CIT server. Replace with LIVE when ready.
    return ""+
        zoom +"/" + column + "/" + row + "/256/png8?app_id=" + nokia.Settings.app_id +
        "&app_code=" + nokia.Settings.app_code;

function addTileOverlayToMap (map){
    tileProviderOptions = {
        getUrl: getTerrainTileUrl,
    terrainOverlay = new 

The result (compared with an ordinary TERRAIN map can be seen below:


Working Example

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