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I'm having trouble defining a Rails 'new' route for a model that takes a param to another model to which it will be linked. We have a legacy URL structure in place, so unfortunately a nested resource route won't work here.

I'd like to define the "create a new review" URL as /reviews/new/1234, where 1234 is the book_id that the soon-to-be-created Review should reference.

My routes (snipped for brevity) are defined as:

get    '/reviews/:book_id'          => 'reviews#index',   :as => 'reviews_path'
get    '/reviews/new/:book_id', :to => 'reviews#new',     :as => 'new_review_path'
post   '/reviews/:book_id'          => 'reviews#create'
get    '/reviews/:book_id/:id'      => 'reviews#show'
get    '/reviews/:book_id/:id/edit' => 'reviews#edit',    :as => 'edit_review_path'
delete '/reviews/:book_id/:id'      => 'reviews#destroy'

rake routes | grep review returns:

      reviews_path GET    /reviews/:book_id(.:format)                                              reviews#index
   new_review_path GET    /reviews/new/:book_id(.:format)                                          reviews#new
                   POST   /reviews/:book_id(.:format)                                              reviews#create
                   GET    /reviews/:book_id/:id(.:format)                                          reviews#show
  edit_review_path GET    /reviews/:book_id/:id/edit(.:format)                                     reviews#edit
                   DELETE /reviews/:book_id/:id(.:format)                                      reviews#destroy

In my view template I have:

<%= link_to 'new review', new_review_path(book_id: %>

which fails with:

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `new_review_path' for #<#<Class:0x007f818f7117c8>:0x007f818f70e208>):

For completeness, my Review model looks like:

class Review < ActiveRecord::Base    
  attr_accessible :book_id, :title, :content, :tags
  belongs_to :book
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Remove the _path from the end of the :as conditions on your routes. Right now it's looking for new_review_path_path.

Documentation is here for using as.

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What's the markdown syntax for facepalm.jpg? Thanks, @CDub! – Caffeine Coma Nov 6 '13 at 22:32
No worries man - I have the markdown syntax for facepalm.jpg as a macro as I use it several times an hour, so I don't remember. :) Sometimes you just need extra SO eyes. – CDub Nov 6 '13 at 22:33

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