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I have a String which is formatted as such


How would I use Regex to quickly parse this to return an ArrayList with each value containing one "entry" as such?

ArrayList <String>:

0(String): [dgdds,dfse]

1(String): [fsefsf,sefs]

2(String): [fsfs,fsef]

Really stuck with this, any help would be great.

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You can use simple \[.*?\] regex, which means: match a string starting with [, later zero or more characters (but as short as possible, not greedly, that's why the ? in .*?), ending with ].

This works, you can test it on Ideone:

List<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
String input = "[dgdds,dfse][fsefsf,sefs][fsfs,fsef]";
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\\[.*?\\]");
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(input);
while (matcher.find()) 


[[dgdds,dfse], [fsefsf,sefs], [fsfs,fsef]]
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How about

String myData = "[dgdds,dfse][fsefsf,sefs][fsfs,fsef]";
List<String> list = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList(myData

for (String s : list)



This regex will use look behind mechanism to split on each place after ].

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Old, easy, awesome way :)

String s = "[dgdds,dfse][fsefsf,sefs][fsfs,fsef]";
        String[] token = s.split("]");
        for (String string : token) {
            System.out.println(string + "]");
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You should try this regex :
Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\\[\\w*,\\w*\\]");

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You may need to do it in two passes:

(1) Split out by the brackets if it's just a 1D array (not clear in the question):

String s = "[dgdds,dfse][fsefsf,sefs][fsfs,fsef]";
String[] sArray = s.split("\\[|\\]\\[|\\]");

(2) Split by the commas if you want to also divide, say "dgdds,dfse"

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We can use split(regex) function directly by escaping "]": "\\]" and then use it as the regex for pattern matching:

String str = "[dgdds,dfse][fsefsf,sefs][fsfs,fsef]";
     String bal[] = str.split("\\]");

     ArrayList<String>finalList = new ArrayList<>();

     for(String s:bal)
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Split using this (?:(?<=\])|^)(?=\[) might work if there are nothing between ][

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