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I'm very new to drupal and I'd really like some help. I'm trying to implement event registration with the module Node_Registration, https://drupal.org/project/node_registration. I have a content_type of event, that has specific fields. I've set up in the admin section the ones that relate to Node_Registration (Start Date, End Date, Capacity) and that all works fine.

What I want to do is create fields for the registrations themselves. In the Developers.md file, it notes that:

Node registration creates a few `drupal_alter` interfaces. `drupal_alter` rules, because it allows existing data to be altered by other modules and themes.


Executed in the scope of the registration form. Goal: allow modules & themes to set default values. E.g. the user's phone number or name. The e-mail address is entered automatically by the module itself. Only executed for new registrations.


  • Array &form The Drupal form array
  • Array &values Empty assoc default values for simple fields (text, email etc)
  • Array context
    • stdClass node
    • NodeRegistrationEntity registration
    • stdClass user

In node_registration.forms.inc, drupal_alter is called during the function

node_registration_form($form, &$form_state, $registration, $user_to_register = NULL){
  (Lots of code)...
  drupal_alter('node_registration_default_values', $form, $values, $context);
  (More code)...
  return $form

So far, so confusing. Now I know I could probably just hack form fields right in the middle of that function, but I'm pretty sure that's not the way I'm 'meant' to be doing it. How should I be calling drupal_alter to create my own default fields? If I create a custom module with one function, how would it 'know' to call that drupal alter function? Basically, I've no idea how the multitude of functions and modules are somehow linking together. And all I want is to add some names and addresses to the form. Any help would be appreciated.



function MY_MODULE_node_registration_node_registration_default_values_alter($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 1');

function MY_MODULE_node_registration_default_values_alter($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 2');

function node_registration_node_registration_default_values_alter($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 3');

function node_registration_default_values_alter($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 4');

function MY_MODULE_node_registration_node_registration_default_values($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 5');

function MY_MODULE_node_registration_default_values($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 6');

function node_registration_node_registration_default_values($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 7');

function node_registration_default_values($form, $values, $context){
    die('here 8');

And the winner is 'here 3'. Drupal's so weird.

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