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Been looking for almost an hour now, and i can't believe i haven't figured out how to do this yet. I've found this:

Drop constraints only if it exists in mysql server 5.0

but the link offered there is not enough info to get me there.. Can someone offer an example with code, please?


Sorry i wasn't clear in the original question, but i was hoping for a way to do this in just SQL, not utilizing any application programming.

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example php code:

function removeFK(PDO $pdo, $dbName, fkName)
    echo "Removing foreign key '$fkName' from database: $dbName\t";

    $exists = $pdo->query("
            AND TABLE_SCHEMA = '$dbName'
            AND CONSTRAINT_NAME = '$fkName'

    if ($exists === false) {
        echo " [SKIPPING] (FK does not exist)\n";
        return false;

    $pdo->query("USE $dbName");
        ALTER TABLE intelligence_webpage_has_region_keyword
        DROP FOREIGN KEY $fkName");

    echo "[OK]\n";
    return true;
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I appreciate this, makes sense and looks like it would work. But i was hoping for a pure SQL solution; updated the question. –  ilasno Jan 10 at 21:26
A pure MySql solution is required. –  htellez Dec 11 at 6:38

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