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I've deployed my SiteCore project to the server and Im receiving the error

Required license is missing: Runtime Description: An unhandled exception occurred .....

Exception Details: Sitecore.SecurityModel.License.LicenseException: Required license is missing: Runtime

Do I need to download and install the SiteCore CMS Setup and enter the license key in that on the server ? I was expecting it all to be contained within the file structure of the web site.

PS/ Exscuse the fact that this is a pretty simple question - extremely pushed for time. Many thanks,

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The Sitecore license file is an XML file that is located in your \Data folder by default. It is also named "license.xml" by default. You should have a reference to this file in your web.config file:

  <!--  LICENSE
        This value define the physical location of the license file.
        Can be site path (ex. /folder/...) or absolute (ex. c:\folder\...)
  <setting name="LicenseFile" value="$(dataFolder)/license.xml" />

If your site is working in another environment but not your deployment environment, ensure that your path for the \Data folder is the same on this server. Change the path of the dataFolder variable if the path is different:

<sc.variable name="dataFolder" value="D:\<YOUR_PATH_HERE>\Data" />

Hope this helps.

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Craig is right.. On reading the question, I was going to answer the same! –  Varun Shringarpure Nov 7 '13 at 3:18

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