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I'm writing a class that implements 3rd party interface. One of the functions of the interface accepts a parameter of type "object".

Within the function, I need to call a function that I want to pass in to the function as the object parameter, but I can't get it to work.


public class ABC : Ixyz
   public void DoSomething(object parameter);
      // Here I will execute the function passed in

public void MySomething()

public void SomeFunction()
   ABC myABCobject = new ABC();


When I try to compile this, I get the following error:

Cannot convert method group 'MySomething' to non-delegate type 'object'. Did you intend to invoke the method?

I have the feeling that I should be doing something with delegates, but since I'm implementing a 3rd party interface, I can't change the signature of the function.

Can I somehow pass in a reference to this function that's expecting an "object"? I would think that I could, since Delegate inherits from Object.

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try casting your parameter to the call to DoSomething as an action - e.g.


I'm pretty sure that'll work...

in fact I just tested it and it does - you can cast the action back in the DoSomething method and invoke it - e.g.

var newparameter = (Action) parameter;
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That worked perfectly, thanks! – JoeMjr2 Nov 7 '13 at 15:15

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