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I am trying to make a loop where it will check if the column sum is not equal to zero. If it is, I want to do something...

    for i:size(A,2)
        if A(:,sum(A)==0) ~=0
          %do something

but that sum returns all the columns in a matrix rather than going through one at a time

Any suggestions?

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Replace your if with this:

if sum(A(:,i))~=0

which takes all the elements of the i-th column, adds them and compares them to 0. If the sum is not zero the %do something will be executed.

What your if statement is doing is getting A(:,sum(A)==0). Now sum(A)==0 checks whether the sum of all the elements of A is zero. It probably wont be, in which case it will give a false (a zero), so you will be testing whether A(:,0)~=0 which wont work because Matlab starts indexing at 1. If the matrix sum is 0, then sum(A)==0 will be true (it will be 1) and you will get A(:,1)~=0 which wont work because it will be comparing a vector A(:,1) to a scalar, 0.

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+1 for explaining why the original code doesn't work. –  nispio Nov 7 '13 at 3:17

You could achieve the same thing with this too:

for i = find(sum(A) ~= 0)
  % do something

This will iterate for every column i for which the column sum does not equal 0.

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Try this:

for i = 1:size(A,2)
    if(sum(A(:,i)) ~= 0)
        % do something
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